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Virtual Montana Trip

Flathead Lake is the largest fresh-water lake west of the Mississippi. Property values alongside the lake are pretty much out of reach. The water is so clear you can see the bottom from the end of the pier (at least a 5-foot depth).

Photo: Southwest of Flathead Lake near the Little Bitterroot River in western Montana. 

Southwest of Flathead Lake adjacent to the Little Bitterroot River in western Montana. This is where, in my 2nd novel, Jim discovers a body on reservation land.

Photo: Along Route 93 in western Montana 

Along Route 93 in western Montana. The brown color on the hill are grasses and not soil as I first imagined. 

The Clark Fork River just outside Thompson Falls, MT

Kootenai Falls, Libby, MT - a Native American spiritual place

The Swinging Bridge, downriver from Kootenai Falls

Ross Creek Cedars, south of Libby, MT

Another picture of the Clark Fork River, Thompson Falls, MT

 Downtown Thompson Falls, MT

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